Daily Share Market Forecast May 10, 2017

S&P 500:

Expectation: Bullish

Target: 2450 and upwards

Yesterday, the S&P 500 was bullish initially and again moved above the 2400 mark before settling lower. This market is still quite bullish and we do not recommend shorting this. We expect this market to move upwards and it should close above the 2400 levels shortly and then move towards higher levels. At this point in time, the 2370 mark is a support level for this market. If the market goes below this level and closes below it, then further downward movement may be possible. However, we expect this market to remain bullish.

Dow Jones 30:

Expectation: Bullish

Target: 21,500 to 22,000

Yesterday, the Dow Jones 30 also moved higher initially and hit a peak of 21,032 but later dropped lower and closed at 20,975. We believe that there is strong underlying bullish sentiment in this market and we expect the bullish momentum to return soon. Some fluctuations and dips will appear from time to time as the market moves upwards. Stay on the lookout for such dips and aim to buy and consolidate your position during these dips. We expect that this market will soon breach the 21,070 level and then move towards the 22,000 level.


Expectation: Bullish

Target: 5700

The NASDAQ 100 also trended higher initially yesterday and hit a peak of 5686 but later dropped lower and closed at 5677. Overall, our forecast for this market continues to remain strongly bullish. We expect strong bullish momentum to continue for some more time and strongly advise against going short here. If there are any minor dips along the way as the market continues upwards, then you can aim to buy and consolidate your positions. This market has a lot of potential to move further upwards at this point in time. We expect this market to continue moving upward and target the 5700 level soon. The 5640 region is likely to be a support level for this market and the NASDAQ 100 should remain above this level in the near term.